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Faculty staff and Student Resources

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covid-19 wellness resources

COVID-19 Prevention

All You Need to Know About Masks…And More!

Resources to information about masks including types, how they work and more details protocols on how to wear and reuse them.


PHHP Wellness

‘Thank You For Wearing a Mask’ Campaign

The PHHP wellness team has launched this campaign starting August 2020. Click on the link below to see the first initiative – a video made with the help of the PHHP community.


University of Florida Return to Campus

TalkSpace: Online Therapy Resources for GatorCare Members

GatorCare is offering free confidential online therapy through TalkSpace for GatorCare members and dependents 18 and older.


Physical therapy students

Return to Campus Safety and Wellness Videos

See the video below from third year PT students, Brian Frett, SPT and Dillon Lee, SPT, as they interview students across campus about masks, and provide helpful health advise and exercises.



Tackling Anxiety


Dr Russ Harris, author of the international best-seller The Happiness Trap, illustrates how to use ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to deal with the Corona crisis and the fear, anxiety and worry that goes with it.



UF Mental Health Services

Drop in on a Virtual ZOOM meeting with a University of Florida Licencsed Psychologist


From the World Health Organization

Infodemic Management

Learn how the WHO is reducing misinformation regarding public health messaging.


Workplace Connectedness Series

In the virtual world that we live in, being connected with others in our work lives is incredibly important. The “Workplace Connectedness” webinar series features interviews between PHHP Wellness faculty and members of the PHHP family.

Workplace Connectedness: Episode #1

Drs. Tara Sabo-Attwood and Nick Green discuss how the Department of Environmental and Global Health in the College of Public Health and Health…


Workplace Connectedness: Episode #3

Sarah Bisesi, Head Analyst for Dr. Tara Sabo-Attwood’s COVID-19 testing lab at the University of Florida shows behind-the-scenes access to her daily…


Workplace Connectedness: Episode #2

Drs. Sarah McKune and Nick Green discuss how her research in Senegal, Ethiopia, and Burkina Faso has been impacted by the coronavirus. In this brief…

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Wellness activities around CAMPUS

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Contributing to UF Initiatives

Campus as Living Laboratory

PHHP Wellness Team contribute to UF’s Office of Sustainability on the path to certification with The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

UF Sustainability

Physical Activity Subcommittee

PHHP Wellness Team members contribute to UF’s RecSports path to initiatives with the Partnership for a Healthier America: Healthier Campus Initiative