Wellness Workdays Summer Wrap Up

In June 2019, the PHHP wellness team completed the first-ever “Wellness Workdays” challenge. Participants were encouraged to perform a variety of short (<15 minutes) activities that could be completed throughout the day. These activities came from 4 general categories of health: physical, mental, nutritional, and environmental and social health (read more about each activity here). Check out our participants in action meditating, eating lunch with someone, coloring, performing brain teasers, journaling, having walking meetings and bringing healthy lunches!

Caroline Meditating
joe and sarah
journal crop
meredith and victoria walk
Walking Meeting

The challenge was a HUGE success!

We had a great turnout and plan to develop future challenges throughout the 2019-2020 school year. We awarded various incentives to each participant for earning the required points throughout June 2019. Participants who reached Tier II or higher could choose from: a lunchbox, desk peddler, water bottle, coloring book and pencils, and a meal-prep book.

All participants who reached Tier III were eligible for a $100 gift card prize drawing!!!

Here are a couple of general statistics:

  • Over 2,000 wellness activities logged and completed in 4 weeks
  • 76% (23/30) of participants completed all 4 weeks of the challenge
  • Average satisfaction rating 7.8/10

Most departments participated, but were broken down as follows:

(departments in red did not have any participants)

Comments from Wellness Workday participants

“Great idea to bring this to the UF workplace. Looking forward to doing the challenge again!”

“This was a great way to kick off my summer I wish I could’ve participated in more of the special events”

“I think it is great that the college is supportive of a wellness program.  I hope that Dr. Perri will continue to support the initiative.  We should be an example for the entire University.”

Most and Least Preferred Activities

Not all activities were created equal.

Shorter bars = higher-ranking = people chose the activity more

Taller bars = lower-ranking = people chose activity LESS

Feedback for next time…

Participants gave honest feedback about how to improve future challenges. Among things to improve, we will create future challenges with the following in mind:

  • An improved points system, set of rules, and overall clarity
  • Log-in/submission issues
  • More “Wild Cards”/ Group Events
  • More variety in events (e.g., yoga, sleep goals, team building)
  • Education-based events (e.g., nutrition, how to meditate)
  • General website User Experience