3 Valuable UF Wellness Resources

The University of Florida has several resources for health and wellness programming for faculty, staff, and students.

Resource #1: UF Wellness Newsletter

The UF Wellness team sends out a wellness newsletter every Monday with fun health facts, the latest challenges, and upcoming events. Visit the GatorCare website to learn more. To signup for the newsletter right away: go here

Resource #2: Wellness Events Calendar

There are many exercise-, mediation-, nutrition-, and health-related activities all over Gainesville’s main campus. Activities occur during business and non-business hours.

UF Wellness Calendar

Upcoming Events

  1. May 23

  2. May 24

  3. May 25

  4. May 26

    1. Unwind


      12:00pm to 12:15pm

  5. May 27

Follow the calendar on the PHHP Wellness website or use this Google Calendar ID to set up your own feed: m1i41edp6g5o1pruqdk209paf8@group.calendar.google.com

Resource #3: Follow Quarterly Challenges


The UF Wellness team provides quarterly updates and challenges for all of us at UF. Follow this link to see the Quarter’s highlights and past themes.