You earn a variety of points during the Wellness Workdays challenge by engaging in any of the wellness activities described below. These activities were selected because they can be performed in a short period of time, within or near your work location, and are related to evidence-based health benefits. 

How to succeed at this challenge:

  • Review all of the activities in each of the categories below. We know that all workday activities may not be included in our categories and we anticipate these will change each semester.
  • Complete a minimum of 3 activities per week, but preferably engage in 1-2 activities per day (Earn variety bonus points each week by completing 1 task from each category!)
  • Enter your points on time (by close of business the following Tuesday)
  • Take at least one photo of your wellness activities to upload each week (Earn bonus points with more photos!)

Physical Health

Mental Health

100 points

Anytime Computer Break

Step away from your computer, phone, or work environment for 10-15 minutes.

water fountain

Environmental & Social Health

100 points

Loving Connections

Call or text a loved one during a work break



Take Care of UF

Dispose of or recycle at least 5 items you see on the grounds of UF Campus today.


Nutritional Health


The “Wild Card” option is a Wellness Team led activity that will be available to participants each week. This is an opportunity for you to earn points while engaging with other participants of the PHHP community. The “Wild Card” activity will be announced at the beginning of each week.


Wild Card Activity: Wellness Speaker TBA