Points & Incentives

We want to create a culture at PHHP that encourages and celebrates our staff, students, and faculty who engage in wellness activities. We’ve developed a system to reward high engagement with the Wellness Workdays challenge.


  • You earn 100 points for every wellness activity that you do
  • Each activity can be performed only once per day for points
  • You earn 100 points for every photograph that you upload. Check out some example photos on the Leaderboard and Photos page
  • You can complete as many wellness activities as you would like each day
  • VARIETY BONUS = You earn 250 BONUS points for completing at least 1 activity from each category per week (Physical Health, Mental Health, Environmental and Social Health, Nutritional Health)


Incentives will be awarded following completion of the Challenge. Examples of prizes include water bottles, yoga mats, t-shirts, and planners. Participants that reach the top tier (5000+ points) will be automatically entered into the drawing for the grand prize!

III7500 +Tier II Prize + an entry into the grand prize drawing
II4000 – 7499Choice of Tier II Prize
i1500 – 3999Choice of Tier I Prize