COVID-19 FAQ and Question Submission

FAQ #1

If you share an office and you are at least 6 feet apart and have a partial barrier between you, is it safe to remove the mask?

It depends. Per guidance from UF Health, consider whether employees in shared spaces have barriers between them that are at least 5.5 feet high from the floor, whether desks in adjacent spaces do not face each other, and whether the number of people in the room is limited enough to allow 6 feet between desks. If those criteria are all met then the people in the shared office/cubicle space may remove their mask while seated. They need to put on a mask if standing up or walking around in the area or common spaces.

FAQ #2

Will there be any plans for the water fountains that have the bottle filling option? If not, how can we get access to filling up our water bottles if the water fountains are taped off?

Some water fountains and sinks will be available for filling water bottles. Signage will be displayed stating which fountains/sinks will be available for this purpose. Fountains will not be available for standard drinking practices.

FAQ #3

What is the best strategy to manage bathrooms when there are students, faculty, and staff on campus and only one set of bathrooms per floor?

The bathrooms in HPNP will allow for 2 occupants at a time as more people start returning to campus. It is important to always wear a mask when using the restroom.

FAQ #4

Why are some colleges not returning to campus as quickly as we are?

PHHP is following the schedule for colleges in the Health Science Center to return to campus.

FAQ #5

How is the return to campus plan being altered given the spiking cases in Florida?

The protocols may change to reflect the flux of increasing (or decreasing) cases. We will continue to provide and update as policies change.

FAQ #6

What is the policy on returning to work after personal travel?

Per Executive Order number 20-82 from the Office of the Governor, all persons entering the state of Florida from an area with substantial community spread, including NY, NJ, and Connecticut, must isolate or quarantine for 14 days from the time of entry into the state. In addition, the CDC recommends that anyone returning from International Travel stay home for 14 days after return and monitor their health during that period.

FAQ #7

What policy does UF or PHHP have to frequently retest staff and faculty especially if students will not be required to test before returning to campus?

At this time there is no formal policy for re-testing faculty and staff. If you think you need to be re-tested, contact your supervisor or departmental HR representative, or call UF Health Screen, Test & Protect at 352-273-9790.

FAQ #8

How many persons are allowed to ride elevators together? How often does housekeeping or other HPNP staff clean elevators, bathrooms and door handles?

The maximum occupancy for elevators is 2. Facilities is cleaning the elevators daily (we will work on finding out how often)

FAQ #9

Where can we find the list approved cleaners that can be used in office spaces? Who will be providing these surface cleaners, and where do we obtain them?

The department will be providing cleaners and PPE. If you are unsure about a cleaner you would like to use, please email us and we will help you determine if it is appropriate.

Please note all questions and answers will be updated as new information becomes available. Please stay tuned to our website for more updates. If you have any questions, that are not answered in the above section, please ask in the question box below. Thank you!

COVID-19 Question Submission

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