How To Transition Back To UF


The University of Florida, UF Health Shands, UF Human Resources, and the Health Science Center has provided multiple resources regarding returning to the work during COVID-19. This page serves as a supplement, citing those original sources in a cohesive manner. To review those sources, click the appropriate button below:

How to Transition Back To Campus

Faculty, staff, and students are tasked with safely returning to campus. Transitioning back to campus will occur based on your department needs and university policy.

There are 3 main steps for this transition:

  1. Complete a Health Screening
  2. Receive clearance from UF Health
  3. Return to the workplace and follow recommended guidelines

Step 1: Complete a Health Screening

Part A: Complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Log on to when prompted via email and find this box on your dashboard:

*If you are a GA, please make sure that you are under the “Faculty/Staff” tab as opposed to the “Student” tab so you are able to see the “UF Health COVID-19 Screening” link seen in the photo above. The timing of when screening is available for students and when you will return to campus is still being developed. Currently, the university plans to announce in mid-July what the fall semester will look like*

Depending on your clearance, you will either be eligible or not. Complete the questionnaire as required.

Part B: Take a nasal swab test


As part of the University of Florida’s return-to-workplace initiative, employees may opt for a COVID-19 nasal swab test to determine whether they are currently infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  This testing is offered at no cost to you. UF Health will inform you of your test result and notify you and UF HR whether you are clear to enter a UF work location or whether you need to isolate yourself at home. UF Health has developed its screening procedures with your health and safety in mind. The drive-up testing center will be managed by UF Health medical professionals in a safe and secure environment. A swab — think of it as a long Q-tip — will be inserted into your nose, similar to a flu test. The test is completed in a matter of seconds and may result in some mild discomfort, but most people do not consider it painful. The sample is then sent to a lab to determine whether the virus is present.

Your protection and privacy

UF Health will only disclose testing results to public health oversight agencies, as well as other regulatory entities, as may be duly authorized or required by applicable state or federal law, statutes or regulations. Disclosures of information by UF Health will apply only to the data obtained as part of this testing program and will not include disclosures of any other existing or future personal health information. Apart from the direct uses of testing results described above, access to an individual’s test sample and results will be held in a confidential manner by UF Health in a secure database and/or the State of Florida Department of Health.

For more details on screening and policies, see these resources:

Step 2: Receive Clearance To Return To Work

UF HR and departments will be notified when employees are cleared to return to work or continue working if already on-campus

Step 3: Return To Work Per Department Guidelines

Contact the department chair for your environmental plan as each department will have specialized safety protocols to follow that is space specific and based on the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) recommended guidelines. The College will also be developing plans for common spaces.